Sports and games at school

At our school it’s possible to practise many sports. Many people, including me, play football. Football isn’t only for boys because the girls can play football too in a girls team.

The whole team plays in a tournament and who wins goes to a national league in spring. Another wonderful sport is basketball. There’s a school extracurricular activity where you can learn to play basketball. It’s also possible to do track and field. In athletics you can run, do long jump, vortex throw and much more specialty. At school there is a big tournament, the Don Bosco’s Cup. In it we play many games, for example ping pong, foosball and tam-tam, but also basketball and football. The classes play in this tournament and those who win a game receive points. The class that has got more points at the end of the year, wins the  Don Bosco’s Cup.

These are the sports and the games that we practise at school.

Marco Bignoli, 2B

Don Bosco College