School description

Our school is very big and there are many rooms for us.

In our school, we haven’t got single classrooms, because every hour we go into the room dedicated to a specific subject. It is beautiful! We can move many times a day and we can talk a little, too.

The school canteen is large and pretty: the walls are red and on the ceiling there are some funny lamps: they are wonderful white balls in different sizes.

On the ground floor there is an enormous space where we can play with our friends when the weather is not great.

When it is sunny, we can go out in the yard, where we can play football, volleyball and basketball. There is a gym, too, where we have P. E. lessons, boys and girls together.

Our college is a catholic school and there is also a church, where we can meet and pray together.

Lucrezia Rastelli, 12

2B Don Bosco College