Visiting the City of Novara

Novara is a city in the Piedmont region. It’s the capital of the province. Our school is in the Novara province, in a city called Borgomanero.

The town’s symbol is the cupola of the San Gaudenzio basilica. It’s 121 meters high.

My family and I sometimes go to Novara because it’s a beautiful city, quiet, there are many nice shops, many restaurants and bars.

In the center there is the Coccia Theater, which is very big and very famous.

My volleyball team and I usually go to Novara for matches. In Novara there is very famous team of women volley “Igor volley” and I love going to see the matches.

In Novara there is a football team. Many girls from Don Bosco play in this women team.

In Novara even hokey is very famous. The matches are played in the same sport facility as volleyball.

Giulia Rollini, 2B