Our school is very big and there are many rooms for us.

In our school, we haven’t got single classrooms, because every hour we go into the room dedicated to a specific subject. It is beautiful! We can move many times a day and we can talk a little, too.

The school canteen is large and pretty: the walls are red and on the ceiling there are some funny lamps: they are wonderful white balls in different sizes. Continua a leggere

In our school, we have breaks and workshops

The first one is from 10:30 until 10:45 and during this time a man called Teresio sells ham sandwiches, candy, crisps and peach juice and we play in the schoolyard and we talk about videogames and football.

The second one is from 13:10 until 14:10 and during this time we have a very good lunch, we do Don Bosco’s Cup competitions and we play football and basketball matches. Continua a leggere