Breaks and workshops

In our school, we have breaks and workshops

The first one is from 10:30 until 10:45 and during this time a man called Teresio sells ham sandwiches, candy, crisps and peach juice and we play in the schoolyard and we talk about videogames and football.

The second one is from 13:10 until 14:10 and during this time we have a very good lunch, we do Don Bosco’s Cup competitions and we play football and basketball matches.

The Don Bosco’s Cup challenges last about all our free time and the participants have precedence for lunch.

In this school we have workshops in the afternoon, the most popular workshops are:

– The Art Workshop: we make the festive decorations and ornaments;

– The Blog Workshop: it’s called Bloogle and it’s the same as the school newspaper. In it, the students write articles about various things, Don Bosco’s Cup challeges and many other subjects;

– The Musical Workshop: in this workshop the participants play the drums, the guitar, the violin, the trumpet and they sing.