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The Maths Project

“The project of an overturned class” This month, during maths classes, Mr. Mora started a new project. The class is overturned: we are the teachers, whereas the professor is a student. When he explained it, my class was curious and overjoyed. The work is divided in groups and each one has got a geometric figure […]


I’m Tommaso and I live in Arona, a small city near Lake Maggiore, one of the most important lakes in all of Italy, not far from Borgomanero. Arona is visited by many tourists because it has an attractive center with shops and you can take  beautiful walks along the lake.

Don Bosco’s Classrooms

This year my school, the Don Bosco College in Borgomanero, has modernized itself… In fact, we don’t have single classrooms anymore, but different classrooms for each subject. Moving from one classroom to another lets us stretch our legs and take a break, to restart after with new lessons.

School Routine

Here’s our average day at school At Collegio Don Bosco, here in Borgomanero, lessons start at 8 o’clock a.m. and we have three different classes. After these, at 10:30 a.m. there is a 15 minutes break; after this, we have other three lessons.


Visiting the City of Novara Novara is a city in the Piedmont region. It’s the capital of the province. Our school is in the Novara province, in a city called Borgomanero. The town’s symbol is the cupola of the San Gaudenzio basilica. It’s 121 meters high.

The Canteen

At 13:10 the bell rings, the lessons finish. We are hungry and it’s time for lunch, so we run to the canteen. There are already other people and we must wait for about ten minutes. Then everyone takes its tray with a knife, a fork and a spoon and we take the food we like. […]


My teachers are stricts but I love them. My favourite teacher is Professor Iorio, the music teacher. He is tall and slim, he has short, straight and grey hair, a long nose and he wears glasses.